Annie Armstrong Missions Offering

We will be receiving the Annie Armstrong Missions Offering for North American Missions throughout the month of March.  If you would like to give, there are special envelopes in the back of each pew.  Please place your donation in the envelope and give during the offering.  All donations go directly to help the North American Missionaries.  Our church goal is $2000.00!  Please be in prayer the week of March 4-11th for this offering and the missionaries in foreign countries.


Youth will leave the church at 11:15am on March 19th.  Talk to Hunter for details!

YOUTH: Youth Trip on March 21

Youth will leave the church on March 21st at 10:30am!  See Hunter for details!

Community Easter Egg Hunt

Our church will be participating in the Community Easter Egg Hunt on March 31st!  We are providing drinks for the event!  It will be held at the Grove by the Elementary School.  If you would like to donate drinks or money, or would like to help out that day, please contact Hunter or Janice in the office.

YOUTH: Early Falls Creek Registration

If your YOUTH is planning on attending Falls Creek this summer, please come sign them up for early registration so we can begin planning meals and activities!  We will be in the Activity Center at 2pm on April 8th for early registration!  

Women's Retreat at Falls Creek

April 20-21.  All women are welcome for this spiritually uplifting, perspective giving time with the Lord!  Laughs garaunteed!  Contact Theresa Williams for more information!

Men's Retreat at Falls Creek

All men are welcome to the men's retreat at Falls Creek April 27 & 28th!  Contact John Williams or Tracey Clagg for more information!

Church Van Available on Sundays & Wednesdays

If you or your child need a ride to church on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings, we will gladly give you one!  Please call 405-207-7228 by 9am on Sunday mornings and 5pm on Wednesday nights for a pickup.

Children's Church Volunteers Needed

The Children's Committee is asking for volunteers to help in Children's Church on a rotation basis.  If you would like to volunteer, contact Hunter Hays.  Children's Church is for ages 6 years old and younger and it dismisses those children to a classroom for  Biblical learning on their level during the preaching service.

YOUTH: Open Gym Night

Brother Hunter is starting "Open Gym Night" starting August 28th.  Each week, the Activity Center Gym will be open to youth on Monday evenings from 7pm to 8:30pm.  Kids are welcome to come shoot hoops, play kickball, or just hang out in a safe enviroment!